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Welcome to Launch CD-ROM Notes!

Before the internet was developed enough for instant access to multiple kinds of media, the answer to variety in interactive digital entertainment was multimedia CD-ROMs. And Launch was one of the best of them. It was available by subscription, and also on magazine racks. I got most of my copies as a perk packaged with Vibe magazine back in the day.

Promoted as an interactive source for music, movies, and video games, Launch featured exclusive performances, interviews and interactions with some of the leading and “next-thing” singers, bands, and actors of the time. The format has you explore a metropolis … go to a swank café to hear “live” performances, or to a diner to choose your tunes on an interactive jukebox, or to a movie theatre for the latest previews, or to the game room to try out the latest demos, or a …

Well, you get the drift – immersion in a stylized 3D city where you could be as chic or as geek as your entertainment drives dictated! And, with advertisements integrated seamlessly into the texture of their Launch City, the producers of this virtual world hoped for profits in their real world.

This website is another in the series of media systems analysis I created to go with my Opal Design Systems curriculum on cultural interpretation, collaborative teamwork, and organizational development. (To access my other sites, see the sidebar blogroll.) I have been particularly interested in using Launch magazine as a “bridge exercise.” This vintage multimedia offers those of us who are older and were raised in a far more linear-logic world an opportunity to experience a nonlinear, immersion learning environment. It lets us explore our own random entertainment interests and at our own pace.

Plus, it gives a great example of creativity in developing a comprehensive and coherent set of metaphors to help abstract concepts come alive through a virtually concrete world. And, in an era now dominated by digital documentation and virtual teamwork, that turns out to be important.

I hope you’ll find something of interest here, even if only to excavate an exclusive live performance of a song from your favorite musician or band!

~ “futuristguy” (Brad Sargent)

About Me …

I’m known online mostly as “futuristguy,” and I’ve been blogging since 2003. This is something like my 10th blog during that time (not all of them are even available anymore as, sadly, my favorite blogging host from the mid-2000s was irreparably hacked and eventually folded). As I noted on my eBay “About Me” page, I have four unusual amateur “professions” that I pursue as pastime activities:

I am a strategic-foresight futurist, helping everyday people create a better future, not simply survive into the future.

I am a media culturologist, studying films, print and digital materials, and toys to create fun learning exercises that train leaders.

I am a social activist, helping create a sustainable world with a “quadruple bottom line” approach that benefits people/community, the planet/ecology, profit/economy, and personal change/spirituality.

I am an organizational ecologist, helping people: (A) figure out their organization’s “DNA,” (B) discern what it has the potential to become, and then (C) strategize a healthy trajectory to get from starting point A to fulfillment point B.

… About My “futuristguy” Content Blogs …

My “futuristguy” blog is the main one dealing with thoughts on those four topics. I have been writing about them for at least 20 years, producing about 300 to 500 pages of material per year – articles, reviews, simulation games, other kinds of immersion learning exercises. I’ve been blogging more intensively about these topics since the mid-2000 decade and, more recently, boiling those thousands of pages of primary work into a curriculum.

That forthcoming training curriculum is the subject of my Opal Design Systems blog (curriculum and blog both still under construction). Its purpose is provide “Resources for designing holistic social transformation with a systems perspective, intercultural paradigm, and interdisciplinary processes.” I’ve designed it with enough flexibility for use by teams in non-profit or business settings, collaborative partnerships across organizations, and short- and long-term social change projects.

… and My “futuristguy” Media Notes Blogs

My series of futuristguy media notes blogs is mostly a fun hobby for me. But it’s also a way I can source some serious media materials to train the next generation of leaders interested in the future, culture, social justice, and sustainability. (You’ll find hints of the practical how-to aspects on the blogs, but the workbook sections in my Opal Design Systems curriculum contain far more on how to use specific media elements as training materials.)

As time goes by, I plan to add other “Media Notes” blogs for other books, films, and media. The links will show up in the sidebar blogroll when I do. Also, I plan to keep on adding information and images to many of the media blogs I’ve already created. So, if you’re interested in updates, subscribe!