002 Comments Policy and Contact Form

Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you found something informative and fun! My many blogs are a pastime activity. So, unfortunately, the comment feature is turned off as I do not have sufficient free time available to keep up with them.

If you do have comments or corrections, please feel free to let me know with this contact form. I will respond as best I can, and as soon as I can, to relevant messages. However, I do not respond to:

  • Requests for research.
  • Questions on the value of collectibles, memorabilia, or other products related to the topic of the blog.
  • Offers to buy, sell, evaluate, or trade items.

Also, regarding my Opal Design Systems curriculum and other publications, please note that I publish only resource materials that I have researched and developed myself. I do not accept queries or book proposals for publishing the works of other authors.

Thanks again for your interest, and for your understanding of these limitations …